Critical thinking, self-confidence, but also belief in our strengths and abilities are not innate and are usually an area that parents neglect to develop.
“You can do anything!”
“You have so many capabilities!”
These are expressions that we have all used from time to time to encourage the teenager to “get out of his shell.” What parents can’t understand is that times are changing. We live in an age where hypersexuality and provocative thinking are “overflowing” social media. Degrees have now become “just another piece of paper” and competition in every aspect of life has been intensified.

By mentioning the above, we can understand that we need to devote more time and techniques to empower our teens.

The strategy we need to follow is this:
Give your teen more time to discuss his or her expectations. Show that you trust his abilities and instincts.
Encourage the teen to set goals and fulfill them with the use of credibility and responsibility techniques. Every goal he/she achieves fills the teen with the strength to keep going. But remember! The most important thing is not to question your parenting skills and instincts for a single minute.
Let the teenager make their own decisions and accept the consequences. The realistic assessment of situations comes gradually. Nothing is impossible. But they need to properly prepare and evaluate their skills. The teenager must strengthen his/her ability to make decisions and learn from his/her own mistakes. So, don’t try to pass on your own experiences to the teenager, but try to expose him/her early on, in situations that require critical thinking and determination.
Teach teens the importance of empowerment through a team. The team encourages them to choose friends and allow them equal rights and responsibilities within the party, which elevates their positive aspects and respect their views. Most importantly! Teach teens to refuse to engage in situations that they feel can put them in a difficult position.

Teach teens to be able to support themselves. All teenagers need to be taught self-reliance, a way of thinking where they are the ones who will take care of their diet, health, and social life.

Feeling self-esteem and confidence in their abilities, teenagers can withstand pressures and hardships. They can set goals, evaluate situations and manage themselves as the most valuable asset in their possession.