22 November 2021

We have said that stress is good, that if we learn how to manage it, it can become productive, and give us impetus. That is why many are perform better under pressure. However, there is another form of stress that may cause, collapse, crises and insomnia.

Many of us have heard “Do not get stressed!”

However, we all know that this is just a phrase. No one can help us not to get stressed, apart from being aware of the present. We need to practice on techniques that will help us create a realization of the present.


So, one way to prevent an anxiety attack or insomnia, is:

Breathe deeply, inhaling from the nose, exhaling from the mouth

Look around you and find ….

5 things you can see

4 things you can touch

3 things you can hear

2 things you can smell or 2 smells you like

1 feeling you experience


Ask yourself if you do not do that for which you are stressed, would this appear on the newspapers as a headline?


Cheer up! “We are all astronauts on the spacecraft” Earth “”

Richard Buckminster. Time to ground!


This exercise is called GROUNDING and can help you, when you feel you are loosing control


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