How am I Going to Change Career?
22 November 2021

Many times we hear about professional choices. Options that bring us a life! Or not?


Just as our preferences for our hobbies, our interests, our favourite food change; so someone can change his/her mind about what job s/he would like to do.


“Make your hobby your job and you will not have to work one day in your life!”






According to Maslow, work must first and foremost cover the necessities of food, housing, etc., then it must give the feeling of security to the worker, but also inspire the feeling of Belongingness, that I am likable, that I belong somewhere, and at its highest levels to strengthen Self-Confidence and Self-determination.


Of course the lower levels of the pyramid are important, but when we get to the point we can choose, then the search begins!


The steps for career selection and/or its change are interdependent and the process is quite time consuming, however the decision takes 1 second and makes all the difference.


How to Change your Career


Look for the reason you want to make this change

Find a coach that will help you fully unravel your thoughts.

Make a list of possible occupations

Explore the list by lowering options

Do your homework!

Set goals

Train yourself

Make the change

Remember, you may be a professional for years in a particular field, but that does not identify you, nor does it define your future steps. There is always room for new career, studies, acquaintances.


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