Overview Effect
22 November 2021

Many of us are turning our eyes towards space, having the need to find a meaning in life, to find awakening, to solve our problems, the problems of the Earth. Indeed, space provides us with the solution, but not the way we all imagine. There are no extraterrestrials with state-of-the-art equipment, flying discs and inexhaustible resources. Is it only us. People. More than half of astronauts report a unique phenomenon when the return to Earth. The “Panoramic Impression” as it is called by the psychologists is the state the astronauts are going through when they enter the multi-lane state around the planet Earth. It is the consciousness, the ecstasy into which the human mind enters when it witnesses the Earth to live, to change, to move from a distance, just they being just observers. It is the feeling to see the sun on a black background and not on the blue sky. It is the enthusiasm to see the falling stars pass under your feet. It is the magic of the colours of Aurora Borealis which, as a living organism, changes and transforms itself. It is the realization that our bodies, like all the bodies of living organisms on Earth, like the Earth itself, come from an ancient starring star, they are made of this same material, they are one. It is the observation that since we are one, if something happens to Earth, it happens to all of us the other way round. In short, there is the realization that we must comprehend the now, the space and our strength. The urgency to put aside our problems and to redefine ourselves and our place in the world. We transform, we get excited, we get flooded by emotions, we live.


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