Academic coaching is a close collaboration between the coach and the student that focuses on the learning process. The coach and students look at how they can learn set habits, and overcome the difficulties and barriers that separate them from success. In other words we create a team (coach and student) working together to create and adopt effective strategies that will become a habit. The purpose is to enhance self-awareness and set goals that will serve as a trigger and benchmark, making the student accountable for his or her actions.

A key point of academic coaching is to make the student aware of the use of time and the impact this has on their studies. Also help them to realize that this same time management failure creates or enhances stress and nervousness, having as a consequence less success. Another key point of academic coaching is strategic thinking, problem solving, gathering knowledge through the observation and collaboration.

Why Academic Coaching is Important. Many parents may find that academic coaching will not help their children or that it is not necessary, or that they can provide it themselves, however, it has been noted that the structure of these programs is such that most students even if they do not apply right away what has been decided in the sessions, they almost always apply it in the future and sooner than anyone can imagine.

Academic Coaching may also be necessary for students with learning difficulties or students with disabilities. The key is that they have to believe in its effectiveness and not hide any gaps, weaknesses that they may face etc.. Academic Coaching may sound similar to tutoring, but it is quite different. It is the way a student can learn how to “assimilate” all the knowledge offered through tutoring, preparatory lessons, etc.

With Academic Coaching we help students not only learn a foreign language better but also improve their school performance. Accordingly, we provide useful information and techniques to improve time management, organize their reading, and create a more “aggressive” approach to the way students deal with their lessons.

The same process applies to undergraduate and postgraduate students, where help and advice are provided not only on how to study, but also to gather information for work and presentations.

Our approach is discreet and has the duration depending on the package you choose