Creativity is important for the teenager to develop a proper perception of the world. Many parents, or even the teenagers themselves, may claim that they have no artistic nature. However, creation is not limited only to painting, or sculpture. Creation can be music, music reproduction, dance, cooking, theater, writing and even volunteering in artistic events. Through creation one can learn to observe, to reproduce, to express oneself. It is essential, not only for the enrichment of the resume but also for the self-improvement of the individual. What is more, everyone should consider that the expression through creation is unlimited and subjective, thus we should simultaneously consider the existence of ‘inclination’, ‘talent’ etc. Just express yourself!

Usually most of our students have stopped doing any sporting activity after entering high school. This is where school obligations increase, and thus automatically as a reflex we stop doing those that are less ‘necessary’. But what is more necessary for a teenager than physical activity? By doing any kind of sporting activity the teenager manages to get out, learn about proper time management, discipline and at the same time co-operate and execute orders.  Additionally, sports activities help burn more calories and relieves from stress and nervousness inevitably caused be the exams. So, even if the student asks to stop the sport activity, he/she is doing, try to persuade him otherwise. The benefits are obviously multiple.

Nowadays, many schools have special volunteering programs where students engage in different activities. However, volunteering is not a selfless offering of love, it is much more. Through volunteering, the volunteer receives various and multiple benefits over the beneficiary. The main benefit is a sense of satisfaction. It is the basic feeling that completes us and contributes to our self-improvement and increases our self-confidence. It also helps us learn new skills, interact with other people, learn to meet challenges, and/or just have a good time. So, don’t limit yourself only to school volunteering programs, seize every opportunity you have and offer.