Critical thinking is a skill that requires years of hard work and practice. Through the CLIL method we handle the growth of critical thinking skills of 11+ children in either Greek or English. The goal is for the students to acquire the ability to think for themselves.

The benefits of critical thinking are many:

1) It encourages curiosity

Curiosity is an essential component of longevity. It is the need of the human to learn about the world around him/her, to experience it, to understand it.

The subject areas are not only limited to school subjects but also to various other categories such as culture, the natural environment, space and so on.

The human wants to learn beyond the obvious. Expects answers to questions such as:

What happens; What do I see;

Why is it important? Who is affected?

What escapes me? What is important is behind what I see?

Who says this; Why should I listen to him? What can I learn?

What else should I keep in mind?

What would happen IF….

Why not;

Therefore, the person gathers information that is definitely changing his or her perspective on the world.

2) Develops creativity

Critical thinking is also creative thinking. It is the key ingredient to discovering something, perhaps oneself, but also the law of gravity etc

Creativity is a key skill that all businesses are looking for, as the individual learns to respond creatively to the demands of their work.

Creativity is within us and it is unlimited.

3) It is a key component for troubleshooting

A solution can come in 5 minutes or even 55 days or more. Critical thinking and creativity, however, help the individual to work out the problem each time in a different way, until they find the solution. “You can’t solve problems using the same thinking that created them.” Einstein.

4) It is a multi-faceted exercise process

It is not enough to exercise our bodies but also our minds. With critical thinking we also practice:




Organizational skills




Decision making

5) Make us independent

When we can decide for ourselves, or better yet, when we know ourselves, we can act independently, taking the future into our own hands. It helps us to eliminate our fears.

Asteroidis.com delivers critical thinking lessons to individual students and / or groups.