English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics,
Report, Critical Thinking, Pre-IB, IB, Exam Preparation, Computer Skills, Summer Courses,
Academic Coaching.


1) All courses and material are available on your computer. So, all you need is a good
internet connection and a microphone.
2) Security. What we have learned from the recent epidemic is that diseases can be
transmitted very quickly, and unconsciously. Learning online ensures that you and your
loved ones are not in any danger.
3) Speed. The lesson begins with the push of a button without time-consuming
4) Concentration. Without other stimuli the student is focused and performs better.
5) Tailor-made. Even if you have chosen to take a course in one of our groups, the small
number of participants allows our teachers to tailor-made the course to fit your needs.
6) Variety of courses. Especially if you live on a remote area, you can now enjoy everything
that your peers in urban centers enjoy, without sacrifices and discounts.
7) Development of technical knowledge. Along with developing your skills, you also learn to
use technology, through applications that you will need for your university studies, as well as
for your education.
8) Less cancellations. Since you connect from practically anywhere, means you do not have
to miss lessons.
9) Non-conventional courses. Our team is known for its effective but non-conventional
courses. For the past five years, we have been active online, changing the perspective of so
many students.

We offer individual courses, but also course packages charged per month. However, the
prices are adjusted according to the requirements and the level of the student. Contact us
for a free knowledge and tuition evaluation.