Are you starting to lose yourself at work?  Do you want a career change but don’t know where to start? The process is simple, you just have to stop following the rules and invest first in self awareness, and that “something” that brings out the best of you.

Sometimes you may have a great job at a popular company. Have done everything that was expected from you after a degree at a popular school. You got promoted. Maybe you got a loan, maybe you received a business proposal that may introduce you to better prospects.

Deep inside, however, you are not being satisfied. You don’t enjoy the job; you feel like you’re not giving your full potential. You want to make a difference with your work.

This feeling can overwhelm you, but you have no idea what you could do. What career path could you take?

At this point you have to decide whether to continue fighting these emotions or to do something about them.

What do you need to understand when you want a career change?

1. You are the driving force but also your biggest obstacle.

On the one hand you cannot see yourself doing the work you do for the rest of your life, on the other hand you picture family and friends trying to discourage you leaving the security of your current circumstances, besides, you have worked so hard!  But you must understand that these are not obstacles set by the outside world, but your own fears, that hold you back.

2. You can’t experience something unless you try it.

You’ve read every book on the subject of career change, you’ve done countless tests, surfed the web, and asked friends and acquaintances. So what?

Changing careers is more than just a list, or a psychometric test. A career change is the self-awareness of where you are right now and where you would like to be.

3. You will not find a job by looking for any job.

Looking at careers offices for available job opportunities is not the first step in a career change. In essence, you are doing nothing but trying to change your environment, not your circumstances. Instead, you may end up sending your resume to jobs with dozens of other candidates who have experience in the field.

What to do;

If you think about it, all of the above are paradoxes that lead you to a vicious circle of doubts and can make you feel trapped. So how can you make the first step to change your career?  

1. Take this step with someone, not alone.

The biggest challenge is to take the first step. It is that feeling of risk the uncertainty that this “wind” of change will leave you alone and then you will realize that there is nothing to change.

The change is internal. A Career or Professional Coach can help you find the answers within you, together with your next step. We hold you accountable on your preparation and progress, constantly checking your steps. We offer you knowledge and motivation to move forward.

We consider career change as a training process. No one was able to climb Everest without proper preparation.

2. Do it to understand

Usually on this trip there are many conflicting ideas. However, over-analyzing them can keep us stagnant. A Career or a Professional Coach can detach us from the bog we have created ourselves.

The key is to EXPERIENCE our ideas, not over-analyze them. By experiencing our ideas, we may come up with new ideas which may help to realize what we need to do.

3. Look for people, not jobs

By adopting a more extroverted approach to career change you communicate better with different people, exposing yourself to an interconnected process. This process alone may offer you work, without the formalities and stress of submitting a resume.

What do we learn from all of the above? That a career change requires determination, strategy, dynamism, extroversion and the right company. We are here to accompany you on this journey.