22 November 2021

It’s been years ago! Over 25! Then the term “Bullying” did not exist to describe my experience. It was then a friendly teasing, between children, classmates, peers. At that time these children were not scientists, academics, teachers, professors.  It hurt more back then.


I was the victim of verbal violence! “Innocent” teasing, commenting on the fact that I did not look like the others. “Innocent” jocking that kept me excluded from the companies, they were pushing me to “shrink” to crawl into my shell, “to disappear.” It was this choking that I felt around my neck whenever I walked at the school’s hallwayl. It was that pain I felt when I was going home. This past, determined, until a few years ago, each and every one of my decisions.


Important was the realization that the story we tell ourselves about the past, is the one we create ourselves. What happened to us, how we process and leave it behind, the knowledge we have gained from it, is clearly in our hands.


Let us imagine of our life as a garden. From the very first moment, it is clear which weeds must be removed, which weeds shed the nutrients. It is up to us to pull them out. We may have suffered losses, lost flowers, but next time, and with the experience we have gained as gardeners, we will not again let them grow similar weeds.


A Life Coach can help you:


Re-acquire our self-confidence and accept ourselves.

Form our future goals.

To find a good balance in our lives, feeling less stress and anxiety.

To realize that we are the story we choose to say to ourselves.

Understand our real potential

Feel full support, without criticism, without any pressure.

Learn about consciousness.

Caution! The Coach is NOT an alternative to the psychologist and has the right to refer you to a psychologist if s/he thinks it necessary.