22 November 2021

A new idea can be spread quickly if someone can explain it and communicate it to others before they have to discover it themselves. But the chief advantage of language is not communication but autogeneration. Language is a trick that allows the mind to question itself; a magic mirror that reveals to the mind what the mind thinks; a handle that turns a mind into a tool. With a grip on the slippery, aimless activity of self-awareness and self-reference, language can harness a mind into a fountain of new ideas. Without the cerebral structure of language, we couldn’t access our own mental activity. We certainly couldn’t think the way we do. If our minds can’t tell stories, we can’t consciously create; we can only create by accident. Until we tame the mind with an organization tool capable of communicating to itself, we have stray thoughts without a narrative. We have a feral mind. We have smartness without a tool.

Kevin Kelly, What Technology Wants


If we count the hours of the days we talk to ourselves, some literally, some subconsciously we will be surprised! We will realize that the person with whom we communicate most during the day is us. Indeed, language is a way of communication is the automatic production of ideas, images, emotions, thoughts. It’s a way to monitor, to remember them. All this process is done automatically, no one has given us a user manual.

Our ancestors, with less complex images, feelings, wants, used this charisma, around the fire, when they talked for hours, communicating stories about hunting, realistic or imaginary! Explorations! Unbelievable things that could be real. “Drawing” and “recording” their course, motivating those around them, going farther, doing more, discovering themselves by experiencing the world around them.

So we ended up doing most of the day’s hours to use our ability to self-identify or self-criticism, often “reprimanding” ourselves for ugly acts, for acts that were not executed as we would want, for what we did not do! The result!

We live in a chatter that restrains us, does not allow us to think, stretch our thoughts, discover, and in turn pass our knowledge to those around us. This chatter is the limitation of our intelligence, it is the source of questioning, the secret part of ourselves that is not revealed to anyone in full, cannot be read, or understood by anyone, by removing the usefulness of the language as a means of communication, by abolishing its utility as a means of knowledge, socialization, development.

One solution is to harness our minds to stop chatting. Organize our thoughts, record them and, above all, communicate them. Turn these thoughts into images, reproduce them, make them ladders to get to the stars.