Do Astronauts Create?
22 November 2021

The journey of creation is quite complex, it is the conception of an idea, an image, from a specific viewpoint, it is the processing of this image, its analysis, the chunking of each characteristic, and the interpretation of each chunking. A subjective interpretation, interpretation from a specific viewpoint.


Then there is the transformation, the enrichment of ourselves. With every image we observe we change, we create new perceptions about our world. And then? This is the nodal point that one will either express, imprint, communicate this new, unique knowledge, or keep it for him/herself. And so this new story, this new video, this new photo, the painting, the text, the poem, this so personal and purely subjective interpretation, the amalgam of circumstances, of personal experiences, of illusions, this our one-sided truth that is finally expressed, sends a loud message of truth, who we are and how we perceive the world around us.


Thus art becomes a way of expressing an experience or a feeling. It becomes the “lie that reveals the truth” (Jason Silva).