Do Astronauts Play with Games?
22 November 2021

Games are for children!


Is a waste of time!


No serious individual loses his/her time playing!


2018! One distinctive year for the European Space Agency (ESA)! The crew of Horizons 57 consists of three Europeans, a Russian and an American! Anyone who knows about space missions will react! No way five crew members, missions are always three-member! Yet! Along with astronaut Alexander Gerst, there are two stowaways! The Mouse and the Elephant! Characters of the ESA Training Program.They are there to make learning a game, so that the young humans will learn about the operation of the station!


However, as the days progress, the Mouse and the Elephant become a game for adults too! Ideal for astronauts! They change positions around the station and are photographed.


The importance of this game for Alexander, invaluable. You see, this game encourages him to communicate with Earth, with people of all ages. It gives him the chance to be spontaneous. It allows him to make his own choices in such a tightly confined environment, enhancing his optimism. It finally gives him another reason to smile, relaxing him from the stress of the particular conditions.


Playing brings balance in any situation! Whether you are preparing for an exam, whether you are at your workplace or in space, playing makes a difference.