22 November 2021

“Who am I?

You mean…. Where do I come from?

What can I become a day?

What am I doing? What have I done?

What am I dreaming about?

You mean…. What do you see? What do you see or see?

What are you afraid or what are you dreaming about?

Do you mean who I love?

Do you mean what I lost?

Who am I?

I think I’m exactly the same as you.

Not better. No less.

Because there is no one who has or will be exactly the same as you or me.”


From the series “Sense8” The Wachowskis


One of the biggest and most complex questions that someone can answer is who they are.

First of all, most of us have not ascertained for themselves what they really are.

What we often hide behind our name or labels that we have decided to use, but also the labels that others have imposed on us.

Why is this happening?

Man is a being who has the need to belong somewhere. It has the need to feel part of a whole, and the easiest way to do this is to “categorize” society by looking for specific patterns, specific key features. Some of them are color, weight, education and even the place that lives. The easier it is to distinguish this feature visually, the more popular it is for society for practical reasons. And so the labels become a means of racism and indifference, a survival tool for the possible survival of the group.

This tool is so important that we learn to our children at every kindergarten.

“Let’s be separated into boys and girls”

“Let’s divide all the red bricks”

“Any child is shorter than the line to go to the right”

It is something that is impregnated on our skin, coded, a stubborn look at the mutilated foot, the man walking across, the wheelchair that you walk in front of us, the kid with Down Syndrome playing on the playground, the homosexual couple walking on a hand and turns into a relentless, impersonal wall rising among people, separating them, condemning them to live in a divided, divided, impersonal society. A society that forgets to accept, to love, to communicate, to move forward.

Learn who / who you are through your feelings that spring from your communication with others. Coaching can teach you techniques that will facilitate you by recommending another perspective on interpersonal relationships and society.