May Astronauts be also Artists?
22 November 2021

Many times when we focus on our goal, we neglect to keep ourselves balanced. With a demanding program, astronauts need not spend their time on meaningless things. Thus, specific hours are scheduled for play and creation as well as for fun. It is characteristic what so many mental health counselors stress, that “To conquer the universe, we must invest in human psychology.”

“This is interesting!” I thought while doodling the paper in front of me, when suddenly the doodle took the form of a flying disk, ready to curry all the anxiety and worries of the moment. These are the beneficial properties of art, whatever our profession.


A word can become a story, a doodle can become a painting, a movement can become a dance, a beat can become music, a whistle can become a song, and all this can become a relief from the daily routine, from thoughts, from insecurity.


Add art to your program, it has beneficial properties!


*Photograph by NASA’s Galileo Solid State System