The Importance of Failure
22 November 2021

“Do you want to fail?”

“I want my child to always be first!”

“There is no importance in the winning, however why let others be better than you if you are better than them?”

“So you do not want to pass the exam? Do you want to be a nobody? ”

Everyone at some point in our lives has heard this either as recipients or as witnesses. Some of us have reproduced it, trying to encourage someone, empower him to try.

However, very few of us can see the value of failure, the value of risk, of the error, of the rejection.

But it is the vibration and the aftermath of all those that make the difference. It is the realization of how powerful we are, the stubbornness that pushes us to come back, the knot that we feel in our throats. This is the moment when our defenses are down, we are ready to let go, and we are looking for the courage to continue.

Right now, we find a lot more. This “And NOW?” moment is the key.

It is the moment when we focus on what we are experiencing NOW, expanding our senses.

It is the moment that we leave behind the past and we follow the primitive sense of adaptability.

It is the moment when the initial backlash becomes the basis for the jump.

So it is important that we ourselves, our children, the people around us learn to process all the parameters, adopt different angles, adapt, and draw a new roadmap.