What is stress? Does it Exist in Space?
22 November 2021

We have all heard about stress! And almost all of us have described it as something bad, trying to get rid of it. However, what the majority of people does not know is that stress is a natural “mechanism” of living organisms that prepares them to cope with external or internal risks or changes.


In a nutshell, stress helps us survive, triggering chain reactions and counter reactions. Some of these affect the heart, breath, digestion, and muscles until they suspend sleep. Today, however, between the satellites flying over us, spacecrafts, nano-medicine and so many other remarkable technological and scientific discoveries, the human forgets how insignificant s/he is in front of the greatness of nature. And yes! Even our astronauts have stress, but they are taught to recognize it and use it as a tool that will allow them to gather better information, perform better, think stronger.


These techniques are simple and must be taught to all from an early age, in order to become part of our natural defense.