Let’s Introduce Ourselves
22 November 2021

An exercise I often assign to my students! In their overwhelming majority, they have difficulty understanding, realizing it, starting it. It is difficult to find your essence, to abandon everything that determines you. Most responses: “I am a human”, “I am a boy/girl”, “I am a student”. All these are “labels” they give a uniformity of who and what you are, but what is the essence of each person? So I decided to introduce myself:


I’m a beat!


A quick beat, shaking!


It comes out of these speakers! It shakes the ground.


You can feel it even if you cannot hear it, see it, touch it!


I can spread like a wave, like vibration, affecting, exploring, covering the surface, on land and in water.


I am the rhythm of the heart, beating firmly, quickly, beating in enthusiasm, accelerating, blushing those cheeks, filling the veins with life, with the optimism of being.


I am the heartbeat of all those hearts that are synchronized, beating to the music that plays in the loudspeakers of the concert. I’m the fuss behind the beat.


The beat that is danced, from those legs, reproduced by those fingers. I’m the beat of hearts that strike like one.


The heartbeat of insecurity, uncertainty, the unknown. Built quickly, filling you with power that makes you try more, dare more, dream more, get more, want more, explore more. Which makes you “grow up” to “spread” with it, “throw away”. I’m the beat of the heart.


I’m the beat of rain that falls on the glass of the window, slower, looser, reassuring, fascinating, changing slowly, quickly and slowly again, just like life slowly, quickly and silently and quickly again until you fall. Until you rest, until you get up again and tune in the beating, the rhythm, the unstoppable vibrations. Feel the heart, the heartbeat.


So many circumstances, so many moments, so many NOWs. Each unique one, each the same, each beating.


I will be happy to publish your own “introductions” for whoever wants to. Just mail them to e.stypsianou@asteroidis.com