The Curiosity of Intellect
22 November 2021

Or simply the queasy thirst for knowledge. I am not referring to the thirst for reading, but for creation, discovery, exploration. Produce knowledge in every form! Thus, Lucian the Samosateus traveled to us on the moon in the 2nd century BC. Julius Verne in the center of the Earth and did Christopher Columbus discovering new worlds and NASA reaching the Moon.

The conception of an idea, the acquisition of knowledge, its elaboration and its implementation are the human civilization, the human characteristic that made the human species one of the most “successful” on the planet. It is the biological constitution of the brain, with neurons producing endorphins in the acquisition and interpretation of new information. It is the characteristic of man to possess curiosity, a need to know. It is that feeling of transcendence. It is the hunger that determines the human species to explore, to uncover, to explore, to learn.

Thus man creates knowledge through art, science and mathematics, impersonates it as he feels, processes it with all it is and then proceeds to create and search for another knowledge, to seal it, to communicate it and to spread to other people. But knowledge is also a way to discover ourselves, to surrender to our nature, to expand our intellect.

How to increase your knowledge:

  1. Read at least 20 pages each day
  2. You interact with people
  3. Find a template, an idol, a mentor
  4. Accept and learn from your mistakes
  5. You interact with conscientious people.
  6. Ask yourself every night, “What have I learned today?”